Pet Relocation Services Los Angeles

Pet Relocation Services Los Angeles

SCApet offers the best pet relocation services in Los Angeles for pet owners with travel or relocation plans. Our services include seamless management of all the pre-requisite documents for your pet travel, pick up and drop off the pet and custom-designed pet crates.

Do dogs’ ears hurt when flying?

Yes, dogs and other animals undergo ear-popping, just like how humans feel discomfort during take-off and landing. Animals have a more heightened sense of hearing than humans, which makes them even more prone to experiencing the associated discomfort. Whenever there is a change in altitude, your pet will experience a change in air pressure, and the canal in their middle ear responsible for controlling the pressure widens to balance the pressure with the change in altitude.

While the pet's ear tries to create this balance, the animal will experience an uncomfortable feeling of ear-popping and muffled hearing nonetheless. Providing your pet with something to chew on can reduce the discomfort during take-off and landing.

The risk of flying with pets in cargo

There have been incidents of airline pet travel that has caused deterioration to many pet’s health. Our pet relocation services in Los Angeles is one of the few very agencies to take extra effort to double-confirm details such as the pet's age, breed personality and pet's health certificate vouching for the pet's eligibility for flight travel. This ensures a 100% safe travel for the pet.

Some of the commonly reported risks for pets while flying include heart failure, dehydration, urethral obstruction, hypothermia, respiratory failure, and Injury from carrier tumbling over. However rest assured as nowadays most airlines take utmost safety measures, and precautions to offer your furry loved one a safe, tireless and comfortable journey

Ways to Prepare your pet for cargo

There are a few measures that you can take to help your pet have a safe flight:

  1. Check up with a Vet – Bring your dog to your vet at least a month before you plan your journey and check with him about your dog’s eligibility to fly in cargo. If your dog is not fit to endure cargo, check with your vet if he can travel safely in the cabin with you. Also, verify the same with your airlines.
  2. Training for travel anxiety – Start crate training your pet a week before travel. Equip him to stay calm and relaxed inside a crate for at least 6-8 hours. Give him his favorite feed at least 4 hours before checking him in and make sure to trim his nails so that he doesn't injure himself trying to get out.
  3. Preparing the Crate – Buy a crate for your dog that allows him to sit, stand, lie down, and turn around comfortably. Place a toy or a ball or a blanket that smells and feels familiar to your pet in the crate.

SCApet works to ensure a stress-free trip for your pet, thereby reducing your anxiety by half. Contact us for more about our pet relocation services in Los Angeles today!

Pet Relocation Services Los Angeles
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