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Are you looking for a pet travel specialist or a pet relocation company? Or simply looking for pet shipping assistance? Relocating the family along with your pets, household and vehicles can be a lot to handle. We will take care of your most important family member(s).

We have over 15 years of knowledge and experience providing pet transport service and the SCA Pet Transport company will be happy to assist you. Want to speak with a pet transport team member about with puppy shipping / dog shipping by air, shipping large dogs, cat shipping, or anything else? Call us or Send us an email here

Pet Owners Depend our Pet Transport Service
We help families and their pets relocate all over the world. is the New Standard for Pet Transportation

We are located across the street from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We assist pets (puppy shipping / dog shipping by air, shipping large dogs, cat shipping) and animals when they relocate to new homes around the world. We specialize in global animal transportation with care. We can assist you with the entire process or only parts of it. Our customs house broker obtains inbound pet US Customs and Public Health clearance faster than completing the process on your own. All pets, animals travelling require a permit. There are strict protocols in place that need to be followed. Our VIP pet transport services ensures smooth travels. All domestic pets travel on the most direct routes to deliver your loved one safely.

Pet Relocation | Global Pet Transportation

By following the rules & regulations of every destination, provides worry free pet transportation and relocation services. is registered by the USDA as a Class H Intermediate Animal Handler. Cooperates with US Fish and Wildlife when CITES-listed endangered species need to travel. helps university research institutes when fragile live animal specimens are transported.

Certification for TSA Indirect Air Carrier and membership with the International Pet and Animal Transport Association (being processed)

The Pet Transportation Service’s pet transportation service includes research of destination country, flight research and flight booking, direct contact with pet transport industry experts, pet travel carrier preparation and fitting, airline tendering along with completion and payment of all requirements in accordance to IATA Live Animals Regulation, ground pet pick-up and transportation from place of origin to departure airport, customs clearance, VIP delivery service from airport to final destination.

Pet Transport Service Door to Door (Airport to Airport )

Airport to airport pet transport service is for clients that deliver their own animals to the departure airport and pick up pets at the destination airport.

VIP Pet Transport Service

Our corporate relocation service supports company employees moving within North America (United States & Canada) or Internationally.

Professional Pet Affiliations & Partners is a Registered international Shipper. Our animal transport organization fully complies with all legal requirements (Airlines, and Governmental rules & regulations).

International Air Transport Association (IATA) customers receive the most competitive rates via our association with IATA, a recognized international world wide brand (IATA).

Animal Transportation Association (ATA)

International organization with a wealth of knowledge shared by industry specialists is dedicated to the safe and humane transport of animals.

We are here to answer your questions and concerns. We work with you to design, customize and implement your pet transport solution to ensure a comfortable and worry free journey.

Please call us in Los Angeles at 1-310-849-2219 or International pet bookings dial +1-844-PETS-FLY