Transporting Pets Across Country

Moving across the country with your pet requires research and planning. Finding out all of the available options before deciding on the best plan for you and your pet.

For many people this will be a difficult, tedious endeavor especially if your travelling across the country for the first time. While airlines offer pet safe air travel some people prefer to drive. Yes, all the way across the US if need be.

If choosing pet travel by air, all airlines will require health documents and a declaration from your vet that the pet is fit for air travel. Please schedule a visit with your veterinarian to discuss the process.

Rules and Requirements for Pet Travel Within the United States

  • Microchip (recommended but not required) required for Hawaii.
  • Current Rabies Vaccine (recommended but not required) required for Hawaii.
  • Fit to Fly Health Certificate issued within 10 days (in the US this is known as the APHIS 7001 form)

People also ask

How much does it cost to ship a pet across country?
The flight cost to ship a pet depends on the needs of each pet and the travel distance. The average cost for long distance transport is estimated at $475 to over $700, while the average cost for short distance pet transport is estimated at $175 to $450.

How do I move my pet across country?
What’s the best way to transport my pet across-country?

  1. Decide by Ground or air transport.
  2. Start with a trip to the vet.
  3. Update ID tags and consider a microchip. (Required for Hawaii)
  4. By ground: Plan for potty breaks.  Stock up on supplies.  Take advantage of wide-open spaces.  Make pet-friendly plans.   Give pets a place to call their own.
  5. By Air: Find direct flights. Travel on the same flight as your pet when possible. When you board the plane, notify the captain and flight attendant that your pet is traveling in cargo.

How do you transport pets overseas?
If considering moving your pet overseas, here are some of the basic guidelines to follow.

  1. Check with the country’s Consulate.
  2. Assess the Pet Living Environment Abroad.
  3. Come up with a Travel Timeline.
  4. Meet with your pet’s Vet.
  5. Research and Contact Airlines.
  6. Find a Pet Carrier.
  7. Focus on your Pet’s Travel Requirements.
  8. VIP Pet Transport Services.

Transporting Pets Across Country Safely & Worry-Free!


Transporting your pet across the US can be frustrating and takes considerable time to coordinate the details into a smooth plan. Some airlines refuse to transport live animals and only specific aircraft are equipped to do so. Other obstacles exist such as temperature embargoes, strict travel kennel requirements and some airlines will only accept live animal cargo from people certified to tender them.

SCApet provides full service pet relocation plans with all of this information in mind to accommodate your budget, plans and special needs. This allows you time to focus on your house and the family.

Our pet travel specialist help pets travel anywhere.


Pet transport services for military & DOD families

Please note: Active duty U.S. military personnel on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) along with their spouses, and the State Department Foreign Service Personnel (FSP) and their spouses are permitted specific benefits for relocating their pet dogs and cats when traveling on duty from and to international destinations.

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We arrange ground and air transport for animals traveling in the USA. Tell us your plans and we will explain how our pet transport service can make it a pleasant, efficient and hassle-free journey.

Pet Travel Emergency situation (Pet in Transit • Flight Delay •  Emergency Veterinary visit • Permit & Document Issue) contact us now


Most questions can be answered here.

A pet relocation specialists is here to answer your questions, and address any concerns. We work with you to customize and implement your pet transport that will be comfortable for your pet and practical for your family during your travels.

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We pay attention to the small details that help ensure a stress-free move for your pet. We take immediate direct possession of every pet upon arrival.

Moving your pet within the USA can be frustrating and take more time that you think.  SCApet will stay involved in the entire process from document preparation to pet’s arrival Read More

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