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Flying with a Large Dog

If you know your when and where you moving and want to learn more about flying with a large dog, please call SCApet.com at 1-310-849-2219 or 1-844-PETS-FLY (738-7359).

Some folks are concerned when their large dogs fly in cargo and hope their is an alternative solution when planning on flying with a large dog (example: therapy dog, service dog, specific pet airline?). Unfortunately these solutions are probably not available for every pet owner. Please see more about your dog shipping options or read on for more details.
The airplane cabin area vs. cargo area is a common question about pet shipping, many pet owners may not be aware of the conditions within the cargo area of a plane and are concerned of transporting their pets that way. A 40+ pound dog is considered too large to travel in the airplane cabin area on mostly all airlines and will indeed have to ride in the cargo area.
Only very small pets, trained and certified service dogs or support dogs with certified legitimate documentation are in most cases allowed to travel with their owners in the cabin. If any dog travelling is not a valid certified assistance dog and the pet owner is trying to find a way around following pet air travel rules and regulations, their dogs will not be permitted to fly their pets in-cabin.

Common concerns about flying with a large dog in cargo 

Research has determined it is very safe flying a dog as cargo and in fact is more comfortable for your dog.  Cargo area is pressurized and climate-controlled and is not that different from the conditions in which human passengers fly in the cabin area of an airplane. In order for large dogs to travel comfortably as cargo it’s important to use a pet transport service that books with a pet-friendly airline, all pet travel paperwork is in order, and that your dog’s is travelling with a crate that is airline-approved and the correct sized.
We’ve helped many dogs travel safely and comfortably via our cargo and would be more than happy to discuss your questions and concerns in greater detail. If you require door-to-door VIP pet transport or need help with questions about pet shipping to any destination in the world, feel free to contact us for pet relocation consultation and assistance.

Southern California Pet Transport Logistics – SCApet.com is not an airline. We are registered with the USDA as an intermediate animal handler/transporter and our company fully complies with the USDA Animal Welfare Act. All of our animals travel on commercial airlines or private charter airlines when destination requires.

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If you’re still in the pre-planning phase and just want to explore, here are a few resources to check out:

Please call us in Los Angeles at 1-310-849-2219 or International pet bookings dial +1-844-PETS-FLY