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Are you preparing to pack up your home and relocate to another part of the world? Soon as the TV and couch move the cat knows what is happening, even if your move is just a couple states away. The dog will have no clue but the cat knows if they have a aisle or window seat. We don’t know why this is so but you may still be curious about how we transport cats.

The cat relocation process can seem complicated if it involves an international destination which requires vet exams, health certificates and import permits. Learn more about delicate process of how cats can be made comfortable when they travel.

We have determined there are four types of cats who fly.

The first type is the sweet couch pillow kitty who might have mice for friends. These kitties think if they don’t move you can’t see them so they pretty much hide under a blanket tent. They travel well as long as we get there fast.

The second type is the cat who is completely unsure of why anyone needs to travel at all and you can see in their face they do not approve, they are not aggressive and tend to ask why is this happening for the duration of the trip. They tend to disappear for three hours somewhere in the new house when they arrive, only to reemerge and see the TV and couch where they belong.

The third type of felines will have nothing to do with travel in any capacity, tend to be aggressive and extreme caution is tendered when we transport them. At times it is better to simply allow these cats to remain in their travel kennels placed alone in a cat room. We leave the kennel door open, provide supper and a litter box and leave them to their own schedule. Most often we return the next morning and they will not have moved. These cats arrive at home and quickly become themselves again once they see the TV and couch.

Then we have the fourth type of cat who travels, the cat running for president. Nothing seems to bother them and in fact welcome their new adventure. They don’t mind the TV is gone and are hungry soon as they hear food, these types are more like dogs in a cat suit and exit their kennel is nothing has even happened. Our favorite cat to assist with travel plans.

All questions are good ones when it comes to cats travelling. Please call our pet travel specialist. provides cat transport services that help remove stress from the journey to a new home.

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Specific Concerns for Transporting your Cat ?

Special Concerns for Shipping a Cat

  • Is international travel for felines okay?

  • Shipping kittens.

  • Flying with older cats.

  • How much does it cost to ship a pet?

  • How do you move a pet?

  • Shipping cats by air.

  • Shipping cats across the country.

  • Cat relocation for corporate employees.

  • Learn the best way to move animals.

Every pet move is a little different. We devote the same care to every single pet.

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