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Learn About Shipping Pets Overseas

When you need to transport your pet overseas, consider a pet transport service which can help navigate the complicated details.

Learn About Shipping Pets Overseas Basics: If you are just getting started with your pet move here is what you should know about the international pet transport process.

Worry-free pet transport to any destination in the world.

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Each and every country has its own set of animal import requirements and entry policies, but in most circumstances you’ll need the following:

  • Veterinary exam & 7001 health certification document

  • Proof of Rabies vaccination

  • Proof of Titre blood work test RNATT

  • Internal/External parasite treatments

  • Microchip and microchip implantation record

  • Government import permits

  • Any additional specifications required by the country importing to

Please call us in Los Angeles at 1-310-849-2219 or for International pet bookings dial +1-844-PETS-FLY

When you are sure about you moving date we can start planning and preparing your pet’s travel dates.

International pet transport normally requires 2-6 months of planning depending on your destination. International island destinations such as New Zealand, Australia, Singapore or Japan have stringent import requirements and detailed must-do instructions as they are rabies-free countries.

An airline-approved travel travel needs to be the correct size so make sure to follow the formula for correct pet measurement. It is always a good idea to introduce the pet to their kennel long before the flight. This may be in fact the first step when your travel plans are made available.

Our Los Angeles customs house broker is credentialed and certified to clear customs for animals in any airport in the world.

What Can an International Pet Transport Service do for me?

international cat shipping

Pet owners moving overseas will need to become familiar the rules, regulations and processes involved with transporting live animals. This can easily become a time consuming and stressful experience.

SCApet specializes in handling all live animal and pet travel logistics. You can trust that your pet will be our number one priority. This allows you to focus on the rest of the family moving logistics.

Learn more about how SCApet can help.

Please call us in Los Angeles at 1-310-849-2219 or for International pet bookings dial +1-844-PETS-FLY