SCApet offers safe, secure and comprehensive worldwide pet transport service for pets of all species and breeds. We also offer our  worldwide VIP door to door pet ransport service.
Whether the pet transport service is for a new traveling domestically or traveling overseas, the process can be overwhelming and complicated. SCA Pet Transport specializes in live animal transport and treats each pet traveling as if it were our own.

How much does pet transport service cost?

The cost to ship a pet depends on the distance and needs of the pet. The average cost to ship a pet within 300 miles is roughly $150 to $325. For longer distance shipments, the average cost is $350 to $1200+.

How do you transport pets overseas?

If you are planning to move your pet overseas, here are some basic rules to follow.
  1. Check with the destination country Consulate.
  2. Research the Living Environment Abroad.
  3. Prepare a Travel Timeline.
  4. Meet with your Veterinary.
  5. Contact International Pet Carrier.
  6. Focus on the Travel Details.
  7. Additional Resources.

How much does it cost to move a pet overseas?

Pet shipping costs
Our Pet Relocation generally charge is around $2,350 to $2,750 for moving one small pet internationally.

How much does it cost to fly a cat alone?

General Estimate: Flying one small cat domestically via cargo in a pet-friendly airline, like Delta or United, will typical cost between $275 USD to $300 USD. International flight cost can be two to three times this amount, depending on the locations involved and your pet’s travel requirements.

How to fly your pet safely?

You can transport your pets in three different ways when it comes to air traveling. First, you can take it with you in-cabin as carry-on luggage. Secondly, a pet can accompany its owner as luggage in cargo. The third option comes into play when you wish to let your pet travel alone as manifest cargo. The Fourth option is for us to fly your pet in First Class. The fifth option is flying in a private charter flight.
Most owners try their best to find a way to carry their pets as carry-on luggage in the cabin with them, but the airline restrictions, size, breed of the pet and recalcitrant pet import rules in the arrival country can often make this impossible. Nevertheless, if you do your research and find an airline that offers a cargo hold that is pet-friendly and climate-controlled, your pet will enjoy a comfortable journey in the flight.
Another important point to ensure while transporting your pet is to get them reservations on direct flights with no layovers. If you are going to transport your pet internationally, then make sure your airlines have climate-controlled layover lounges for pets where they can wait for the connecting flight. Make sure that the airlines you choose offer kennel facilities during any layover so that the pets can get water and food during the process.

What are the health risks involved while transporting a pet?

Elderly pets such as dogs and cats are allowed to travel, but you need to discuss with your vet as to how much stress can the pet of that age endure during travel. Pets are in risk of injury and hyperventilation if they are not trained to remain calm in a crate for 6-8 hours.
Breeds such as pugs and English bulldogs pose a higher risk during air travel as they are prone to impede their delicate respiratory systems in highly stressful conditions. The length of the trip, the pet’s health condition, age, and breed temperament has to be discussed with a veterinarian before travel to ensure pet safety.
Are you worried about US customs clearance of airport import documents for your pet’s travel? Contact SCApet for our pet transport service and let us take care of your pet’s travel itinerary.

Pet relocation services

Our worldwide pet transport service offers value-added amenities to our customers that include pre-flight services, logistic services, and post-flight services. In pre-flight services, we cover pet pick-up, checking in the pet at the terminal, custom-built wooden kennels based on your pet measurements and, internal and external parasite treatments for your pet and health certificates such as APHIS 7001 and FAVN or RNATT declarations.
As a critical component of our logistic services, we take care of clearance from inbound pet US Customs and Public Health, pet’s airfare, and transit fees. Our post-flight services include comfort stops for incoming overseas pets, meeting, and attending to pets that travel alone.
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We Specialize In: Considering all available options when planning every pet’s itinerary. We coordinate the entire process or help you only with certain parts of it. SCA Pet Transport will help prepare your pet for its trip and resolve any obstacles that may appear along the way.

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