SCApet offers certified TSA Indirect Air Carrier pet relocation services. We help in relocating your pets to any part of the world. We promise a stress-free move for your pets.
Whether you are relocating a new pet domestically or traveling overseas, the process can be overwhelming and complicated. SCA Pet Transport specializes in live animal transport and treats each pet traveling as if it were our own.

How much does pet relocation cost?

Pet relocation can cost anywhere between $270 and $1,300+. The cost of relocating your pets depend s on factors such as the size of the pet, the distance required to travel, species, kennel type, pet’s weight, transit charges, breed, origin city, and any other parts required for the pet move.
Some of the added costs for pet relocation include the cost of getting a certificate of health for the pet from a veterinarian which can cost $80 – $100 approx. The pet travel crate used for transportation can cost anywhere from $40 – $250 depending upon the size of your pet. It is always a great idea to invest in pet health insurance, which can cost around $10 – $30 a month.

How do I relocate my pet to another country?

When you decide to transport your pet to another country, check the respective country’s pet import rules and regulations. Each country requires different pet documents to ensure the safe import of your pets into the respective countries. Prepare a pet travel plan (pet travel itinerary). Take your pet to your veterinarian, have the vet conduct a comprehensive health exam on your pet, and ensure that your pet remains in good health and can withstand the journey. Ask your veterinarian for a certificate stating the same.
Next, you need to look at the pricing options of airlines for shipping a pet and their pet transport regulations. You should also buy your pet an appropriate travel kennel, which should offer the space for it to stand and turn around. When shipping by ground or air-transporting your pet, some of the important things that “must” be a part of your checklist includes,
  • Plan your pet’s travel Kennel (travel crate), bedding, food, water
  • Get pet’s health records ready, including health certificates, shots, breed certificates, etc.
  • Make sure your pet has a collar or some countries require Microchip for identification.
You have the choice of choosing to do it all on your own, which can be time-consuming involving many tedious difficult tasks, or you can outsource this to a professional pet relocation company. We provide excellent pet relocation services and can save you time, money, and stress.

Can my pet fly without me?

Yes! Your pet can fly without you. If your pet can’t travel with you on the flight, you can always arrange for your pet to travel as manifest air cargo. You need to take measures to check in your pet at the departing airport and pick it up at the cargo facility at the arriving airport terminal.
However, if you are flying with your pet, you can carry it as carry-on luggage and place the kennel under your seat. If your pet’s size doesn’t permit it to fly in the cabin with you, they might be allowed to travel as accompanied checked baggage depending if the airline offers this service.
We provide the most humane pet relocation services. You can trust SCApet for your pet’s safe and comfortable travel.
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We Specialize In: Considering all available options when planning every pet’s itinerary. We coordinate the entire process or help you only with certain parts of it. SCA Pet Transport will help prepare your pet for its trip and resolve any obstacles that may appear along the way.

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