Full Service Global Pet Transport

Southern California Pet Transport Logistics

  • A pet transportation company located across the street from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
  • We assist pets and animals when they relocate to new homes around the world.
  • The pet’s well-being is our primary concern from the very first step.
  • Registered by the USDA as a Class H Intermediate Animal Handler.
  • Certification for TSA Indirect Air Carrier certification is being processed.
  • Cooperate with US Fish and Wildlife when CITES-listed endangered species need to travel.
  • Help university research institutes when fragile live animal specimens are transported.
  • Membership with the International Pet and Animal Transport Association is processing.

What We Do

  • Help families with pets and animals relocate to new homes all over the world.
  • Coordinate with zoos when their animals relocate to new homes in other zoos.
  • Care for each pet in transit through LAX as we are a local company.
  • Manage the entire process or only one of many parts of the pet’s move.
  • Meet you curbside at one airline and check-in your pet at a connecting airline.
  • Facilitate pet’s USDA crate seal for their flight to New Zealand.
  • Complete only the difficult parts of the process, you manage the rest.
  • Rely on a network of professional relationships to correctly process time sensitive foreign government import and export documents.

What We Promise

  • SCApet will coordinate and manage the entire process of the pet’s move or only certain parts. Whether it is document preparation, pet’s tender at the terminal, US Customs clearance or only the transportation to the airport, we will be available.
  • We assist your veterinarian in processing all health documentation for import permits.
  • Reduce unnecessary delays and avoid quarantine by staying involved with the government agencies that are processing the travel documents.
  • Pay attention to small details that help ensure a stress-free move for your pet.

What Makes Us Different

  • We see the airline ground crews, forklift drivers and load masters everyday. They are the ones who see to the pet’s safety once SCApet checks pet in for flight.
  • Our handlers exchange cell phone numbers with the ground crew supervisor for real time updates.  Unforeseen delays for travelling animals are handled immediately.
  • Once a pet chewed through her kennel before boarding the plane. The Cathay Pacific team called and we were able to switch pet into a stronger wood kennel. Popcorn made her flight.
  • We track all pet flights in the air. Some airlines even provide GPS trackers we can attach to the kennel. We treat each of our pets in transit as our own.



Understanding Your Pet’s Needs

Step one is determining your pet’s kennel size. Choosing a thick or thin blanket. Some pets prefer chunks of ice and some prefer crushed. Of course travel attire is important. Once you share these details along with origin and destination, the preferred move date, pet breed/species and age we can begin planning.


Building Your Plan

Our team member uses these these details to research and decide on the best, fastest, single flight routing option available. We prefer a pet to fly straight through to their destination without changing planes. The proper travel kennel size is important as each airline has their own specific requirements. We look into any possible obstacles including the weather.


Travel Booking Services

Once you are ready we pre-book the flight, ground transportation if needed and plan the veterinary and USDA appointments. All of our animals travel on commercial airlines such as United, Delta, Lufthansa, KLM, Virgin, Cathay Pacific, British Airways and Alaska Airlines depending on the destination.


Details and Documents

You will be amazed by the amount of paperwork generated when moving your pet. Each country has its own rules, import permit requirements, health certificate criteria and customs clearance procedures. We coordinate the document process with your vet to ensure accurate and timely completion.

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Step 5

Moving Day Management

On moving day we monitor the journey to ensure everything runs smoothly. We provide you with tracking tools and updates from door to door. Should any unexpected issues occur such as a weather or flight delay we are prepared.

Step 6

Post Pet Move Support

After your pet arrives we retain digital copies of your pet’s travel records for future journeys. We can also arrange transport services, boarding, obtaining local pet licenses and finding a new veterinarian near your new home. As rules between countries governing animal import and export are often influenced by many factors, our office will help you make sense of them should you decide to travel again.

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Please call us in Los Angeles at 1-310-849-2219 or International pet bookings dial +1-844-PETS-FLY