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Ground and air transportation arranged for all animals traveling.’s pet transport shipping services will make your pet relocation process a pleasant, efficient and hassle-free journey.

Pet Travel Emergency situation (Pet in Transit • Flight Delay •  Emergency Veterinary Visit • Permit & Document Issue) contact us now.
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Whether you are relocating a new pet or traveling overseas with the family pet, the process can be overwhelming and complicated. SCApet Transport specializes in live animal transport and treats each pet travelling as if it were our own. Please call our pet relocation specialist for a competitive estimate.

Our personalized quote will allow you to preform the more simple of tasks such as purchasing the correct travel kennel and gathering the health documents, while our pet transportation specialist perform the more complicated parts. Together we work within you budget to complete the entire relocation process.

When animals travel there are many options to consider and the details of each step are demanding the whole way through.
It is overwhelming. Domestic travel within the United States is relatively easy but not all airlines will transport live animals. In addition not all aircraft type are equipped to accommodate live animals. There are also breed restrictions, weather embargoes and specific kennel guidelines and requirements for airlines that do accept live animal cargo. Remember to consider that some airlines will not accept live animal cargo unless the owners are on the flight. Airlines may also require that the people tendering live animal to the cargo terminal be certified to do so.

SCApet Transport specializes in considering all these options when planning every pet’s itinerary.

If the pet’s destination is another country, there are import permits and government regulations to consider in order to avoid quarantine. If these required documents deviate from the itemized checklist to import by even a calendar day, expensive and lengthy delays may result in the pet either being returned to the origin country or the pet ending up in quarantine.

We coordinate the entire process or help you only with certain parts of it. SCApet will help prepare your pet for its trip and resolve any obstacles that may appear along the way. Contact our pet travel specialist for a free consultation.

Please begin by submitting our pet transport estimation form. In order to determine the best travel options please include name, breed, age, size, weight, origin location, final destination and ideal travel dates. This detailed information will then help us generate a specialized travel itinerary for your pet’s journey.

SCApet prefers to plan all pet airline travel with the fastest, most direct route in mind.

Start by determining your pet’s needs, travel dates, time frame and budget. In order to research the best travel options please include the following detailed information; pet’s breed, age, size, weight, origin location, final destination and travel dates. In addition please provide information about your pet’s travel kennel.

We are a small, caring pet relocation service in Los Angeles. Our office support team consist of a former veterinarian technician and a retired Army Ranger canine trainer. We have three animal handlers so it easy to communicate with the handler accompanying your pet.

Please submit a free pet shipping information request form. Our office will custom tailor a travel plan for your pet with the most efficient, fastest stress-free route possible. Please contact us with any questions you may think are silly. We will be glad to assist you with all of your pet shipping plans. Door to Door Pet Transportation Los Angeles and internationally.

Southern California Pet Transport Logistics is located across the street from Los Angeles International Airport.

SCApet is registered by the US Department of Agriculture as a Class H Intermediate Animal Handler and Transporter.
SCApet is being certified by the Transportation Security Administration as an approved Indirect Air Carrier.
SCApet cooperates with the US Fish and Wildlife Service when transporting CITES listed endangered species.
Membership with the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) is currently processing.

Some families prefer their pets not to fly. To accommodate these concerns we provide local USA pet shipping and semi-local ground delivery. We have driven special plants which couldn’t fly to a new home in Seattle. A pet and family of nine Samoyed living in Utah preferred to travel by road to their agility contest in California, air travel was too stressful for the humans.

SCApet will create a solution regardless of the situation. If we are currently transporting your pet and you need to share updated, important 3rd party contact details, change in travel dates, time, pickup or drop off locations or issues with pre-flight check-in please call our office.

Los Angeles Pet Transport

When to schedule SCApet for pet relocation or transport services:

1. Unable to drive, too busy or it’s an emergency.

2. Your vehicle is not suited for traveling with pets.

3. Veterinary appointments or pet therapy conflicts with your work schedule.

4. Need assistance with large dogs who have routine therapy or DVM visits.

5. Help convincing bigger dogs of the absolutely, necessary DVM appointment.

Pet Transport Logistics Los Angeles

When to schedule SCApet for airport transport and relocation logistics:

1. Travel kennels or crate too large for your vehicle.

2. Confused with booking procedures requirements or cargo terminal check-in.

3. Assistance visiting Foreign Consular’s office for notarized import permits.

4. Pet is traveling to New Zealand and needs USDA crate sealing service.

5. Traveling on the same flight as pet but need assistance tendering pet’s cargo check in.

Emergency Pet 24 Hour Hospital

When to call for 24 Hour Animal Hospital Care in Los Angeles:

1. Need emergency or critical care transport for any pet at any hour.

2. Pet is in pain and it’s difficult for you to move them safely.

3. Pet has collapsed, unable to walk.

4. Pet requires oxygen therapy during transport between veterinary and animal hospitals.

5. Pet is experiencing bleeding, difficulty breathing, seizure, bitten by rattlesnake or insect.


Animals we have transported:  horses • rhinoceroses • red pandas • raptors • owls • scorpions • sheep   bees • cattle • lions • cheetahs • parrots • leopards • rabbits • butterflies • snakes • lizards  monkeys • fish • birds • Tasmanian Devils

Please call us in Los Angeles at 1-310-849-2219 or International pet bookings dial +1-844-PETS-FLY